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Attic Playhouse, a professional, not-for-profit theatre, was founded in April, 1998 by several local North Shore residents, whose goal was to provide quality entertainment for the greater Chicago area in addition to providing professional opportunities for artists of diverse ages in the pursuit of their craft.

The Attic Playhouse strives to showcase a broad spectrum of theatre as an art form by producing: classic straight plays, small musicals, one-acts, improvisational and skit comedies and theatre for young audiences. Special attention is given to producing original scripts and encouraging new talent. At least one production a year is dedicated to these original works. Additional emphasis is given to placing recent graduates and students of the theatre in various positions both behind the scenes and onstage, assisting their transition into the professional world.

The Attic Playhouse's dedication to serving the surrounding community is apparent not only in the selection of quality plays and jobs for local talent, but in its goal to ensure opportunities for all to have access to the theatre. Special discounts will be given to students, senior citizens, military personnel, and group discounts will be available for organizations, clubs and societies. In joint charitable ventures with local philanthropic clubs, selected performances may be offered, either at a discount or free of charge to those in need.

The Attic Playhouse - serving the greater Chicago area in many ways.

Kimberly Loughlin
Donna Lubow
Rachel Mermel

Board Members

Christine Frega
Loretta Loughlin
Thomas Loughlin
Sari Rubin
Barb Stasiw
Lane Wheeler


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